Thursday, May 26, 2016

Old Realities. Moving on to Limerick

Hi all my name is Molly Tarter, and I am approaching my second year in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters' program. I am the lone soldier representing the CMHC program so I have had the great opportunity to learn about Art Therapy as well as establish new friendships. 

Today was our last day in Cork, Ireland before we headed off to Limerick. We began our morning talking about the Cork Lunatic Asylum. If you get the chance to google it and watch some YouTube videos be sure to, it is quite interesting! The facilities were equipped to care for a maximum of 500 patients but reviews in the 80's and 90's discovered that there were 1000 patients being cared for in unsuitable living conditions. Although multiple reviews found the asylum to be unfit it was not until 2002 when the facility was actually closed. It is mind blowing to think of the differences in mental health services from the United States to Ireland, and I am thankful for the access to services individuals in the United States have.

A beautiful morning in the city center munching on some macaroons, doing a bit of shopping, and grabbing some lunch wrapped up our final few hours in Cork. 

Our next stop on the itinerary was Limerick. We took a train from Cork to Limerick which allowed us to catch up on a bit of sleep as well as admire the countryside. A quick, slightly chaotic, switch of trains and we were at our new accommodations in Limerick (somehow I got stuck in a room with Elaine but that is a story for another day). What little we have seen of Limerick seems quite different than Cork. To me Cork seemed to be a bit more quaint and colorful whereas Limerick seems to be much more industrialized. Nonetheless, I am blown away by the beauty of this country everyday! Life in Ireland really does not need a filter. 

See you all in six days! 

~ Molly

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