Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Welcoming Country

"Céad Míle Fáilte" were some of the first words we were greeted with when we stepped off the plane. It's an Irish phrase, which means "one hundred thousand welcomes" and it's a fairly accurate depiction of what Ireland is. There truly are at least one hundred thousand things that will make you feel welcomed into this county! 

Today, we were once again herded onto a bus (starting to feel like one of the many sheep I keep seeing around here), and hauled out to Bunratty castle where we spent some time exploring the grounds and taking in the view from the castle towers.

After lunch, we drove out to see the Cliffs of Moher (insert epic Irish bagpipe music here). This may very well have been my favorite part of what we have seen so far. I think everyone got a little emotional standing on the edge and gazing out over what seemed like and endless Atlantic Ocean, framed by the giant sea stacks of rock. It's places like this where I find my spirituality. "Not all churches have pews", as the phrase goes. 

The people of Ireland have been no less inviting than their beautiful country. We have met some great folks! It's so humbling to listen to the locals talk about their home in thick Irish accents and watch them begin to describe their history and lineage to us with such pride. I can only hope that we have been a crew of respectful and gracious guests (I'd really like to be invited back)! 


~ Kay Stonecypher

Cliffs of Moher

"My impression of the Irish countryside"

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