Sunday, May 22, 2016

In the Ring of Kerry

Hiya! I'm Brittany Cook, and approaching 2nd year Art Therapy student at UofL.

This is my third study abroad and, although it's only Day 2, I'm already blown away! Ireland is incredibly gorgeous. 

It's hard to really explain how special today has been, but we can say our group is experiencing the luck of the Irish! It was set to storm throughout the day while we were exploring the Dingle Peninsula of the Ring of Kerry. However, after a beautiful view of the Black Stacks to Killarney, it hailed for just about 5 minutes. That was all for out storm!

We made several stops around the Ring of Kerry, with each one hosting an impeccable view of land and water. The greenery on this island country holds more shades than any crayon box could do justice. One thing that definitely made it even better was our tour guide, Jim, who held a vast knowledge for the history and culture of Ireland. 

Here are just a few of so many photos from our day:

Near Killarney


Torc Waterfall
I know, you must be at least SLIGHTLY envious. But, as the Irish say, such is life. 

~Brittany Cook

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